Resume Job Objectives/ Career Goals

Sample Resume Objectives

Sample Resume Objectives for General post, and General Manager

  • Seeking an accountable and exigent position in an expansion leaning advancement organization where my experience and skills will extensively make a payment to the overall growth of the organization.
  • Seeking for an excellent opportunity in a large organization which prospects to excel my skills, enhance experience, perform personal aspiration, and develop my knowledge.
  • Seeking a full time employment where I can put in my experience and skills to boost organizational profits with effectiveness and efficiently.
  • Looking for a secure career in modern organization where I can exploit my strong managerial & instructive skills with the aim of work with and through other people.
  • Looking for challenging opportunity in a dynamic organization which provides personnel benefits and respects mutual growth.
  • My Objective is to be a team member in a challenging environment where I can avail opportunities for learning, development of skills and experience.
  • My objective is to obtain position in a stable and profitable organization where I can utilize my personal skills and job experience for contribution in company’s growth and profitability.
  • Seeking a vital position in newly established business where I can use my professional skills and experience to play an imperative role.
  • Seeking an opportunity of entry level in well develop organization which will provide me opportunities to improve my job skills and experience.
  • Ssmple Resume Objectives for Health Care, Doctor, and Nurse

  • Seeking a position in healthcare department where I can serve humanity by taking care of patients providing quality of service which will also help me to expand my practical knowledge and experience.
  • I want to be a nurse in a strong environment where I can help people and increase my potential.
  • Seeking an opportunity according to my skills and experience where I can serve others to achieve self-satisfaction.
  • Seeking post of a Therapist in big hospital where I can provide my services in bulk and expand my knowledge and experience for career growth.
  • Seeking an opportunity in stable environment where I can facilitate human being with my knowledge and skills to improve services of the institution.
  • Seeking an occupation of (Practitioner Doctor) in a learning environment where I can diagnose and treat the dieses for a healthy society.
  • Seeking a post of physical therapist in a sports organization where I can utilize my experience and skills to make players fit and ready to attain high level victories.
  • Seeking a position of a diagnose chemist in a well equipped laboratory where I can enhance my knowledge and experience by examining various diseases and help patients by diagnosing in excellent way.
  • Seeking a position of druggist in a well reputed pharmaceutical company where I can use my educational skills, knowledge, and experience to introduce new formulas in market that can treat diseases in a better way.
  • Seeking a position of sales representative in a big pharmaceutical company where I can utilized my convincing, sales, educational skills, and experience to the extend in order to enhance company’s profits and growth.
  • Sample Resume Objectives for Law, Legal Assistant, and Paralegal

  • Seeking challenging job in the field of my interest (criminal law) where I can enhance my experience and skills in a better way.
  • Seeking a position in a Law Firm where I can practice my educational skills to enhance my practical skills.
  • Seeking a position of law advisor in a reputed organization where I can exploit my knowledge about law and experience to help my employer by finding cost effective solutions.
  • Seeking a position in a law firm where I can use my educational skills to enhance my knowledge, skills and practical experience.
  • Seeking a position to practice company law in reputed law firm where I can use my practical knowledge, skills, and abilities for the mutual growth.
  • I want to work in a human rights organization where I can use my educational knowledge about legal laws and experience to help protecting human rights.
  • Seeking a position of legal law researcher in law firm where I can exploit my educational and research skills to help my organization to work effectively and efficiently.
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