Resume Job Objectives/ Career Goals

Sample Resume Objectives

Sample Resume Objectives for Call Centre

  • Seeking an opportunity for customer satisfaction in a call centre where I can improve my communication skills and computer skills.
  • Seeking to obtain a position in call centre where I can contribute my skills and abilities to control call traffic with the help of staff.
  • Seeking a position in call centre where I can provide my assistance to control quality of calls by exploit my experience and knowledge
  • Sample Resume Objectives for Computer/Information Technology

  • Seeking position as system engineer to engage IT challenges in a large organization.
  • Objective to be a system engineer to accomplish all IT needs.
  • To obtain a challenging opportunity that supports the exceptional accomplishments of business through my experience of more than 10 years in Information Technology Industry from various organizations.
  • Seeking executive rank in a challenging environment where my contribution in everyday’s challenges of high tech industry with my experience and IT skills.
  • A computer technician seeking a position in well renowned organization that replicates my experience, where I can utilize my knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve organizational goals.
  • Seeking an opportunity in a software house where my skills get polish in software design and development.
  • To acquire a position as design engineer which focus on solid modeling.
  • Seeking an opportunity where I can use my creative skills and experience to give computer graphics a direction.
  • Seeking an opportunity in character modeling industry where I can create a perfect link between character and animation.
  • Seeking a position of network administrator to create finest network, diagnose problems, and fix problems with my experience and network knowledge.
  • To obtain a graphic designer’s position in dynamic environment where I can exploit my graphical and creative skills for a quality output to encourage organizational profitability.
  • Sample Resume Objectives for Education/Teaching

  • I am looking for a sustainable career as Teacher of English Literature at Secondary Level School.

  • Wants to be an Elementary School Teacher in a well reputed School where tough devotion to the entire maturity of children is required and a quantity of keenness can be fully exploit.
  • I am seeking a strapping career in the field of teaching as (Mathematics) Teacher with a stable school system.
  • To obtain a position in a well established school as an Elementary School Teacher.
  • Seeking a position of Teacher Assistant where I can learn and expertise the teaching skills for the development of a sustainable career.
  • Seeking a position of Associate Professor to implement and practice my teacher skills that can help my students for the development of their brilliant career.
  • To secure a position of Professor in a well established Educational Institution where I can exploit my knowledge in the favor of developments of my apprentices.
  • Seeking a position of Assistant Professor in large setup where I can not only utilize my experience in formulating students’ career but also add extra skills to curriculum.
  • Sample Resume Objectives for Engineering and Technology

  • Seeking a position of Mechanical Engineer in a well established company where I can facilitate the company by keeping production constant.
  • Searching a sustainable environment where I can utilize my experience to keep production line in running position for the profitability of the employer.
  • To initiate my career in the field of Mechanical Engineering where I can understand the field work to boost my knowledge and skills that will prove a significant asset in career.
  • Seeking a post of Mechanical Engineer in a strong environment where I can demonstrate my skills of creativity and innovation by designing various machines with the help of my experience and out of the box thinking.
  • Want to secure a position of Electronics Technician in a stable firm where I can excel my skills and gain constructive experience.
  • Expecting a position in the field of (Electrical Engineering) where importance of (avionics systems) uses my education and experience.
  • Wants a position of Electrician to exploit my technical skill and experience to keep concerts lighten and jingle make people enjoy.
  • Seeking a position of engineer or equivalent which requires keen contribution, innovative contraptions, team oriented tasks, and profession’s opportunities.
  • Seeking a position of engineering director or equivalent post in state of the art Company where I can demonstrate my innovative thinking and creative approach by technology driven goals.
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